Inner Peace Healing


Welcome to Inner Peace Healing,
We believe

  • healing comes from treating whole being by natural methods,
  • in natural in forms of health care that include prevention, pain management and rehabilitation from chronic muscle issues,
  • healing occurs when you bring the physical body, the mental and emotional mind and energetic components of a being all into complete balance


Inner Peace Healing provides clients with the exceptional personalized care they seek by integrating all modalities to reach their goal. This includes corrective actions and thoughts, stretches, exercises in breathing and strengthening, and energy work as part of preventative, pain management and rehabilitation protocols.

Each session is customized to the specific needs of the client using as many modalities as needed to meet their objectives for short term and long term care. It is my intention to combine my talents with my client's participation as well as their medical team to ensure the best results possible.


Come visit us at out new location:

Jersey Shore Body Wraps an Organic Spa

81 Main Street

Farmingdale, NJ